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The Clarity PPM Hackathon is a two-day event where teams of enthusiasts, designers and developers use Clarity PPM and their collective skills to build innovative solutions for modern business management challenges. 


Turn your ideas into solutions

Ever had that idea that you think would be a great addition to the software but never had the time or knowledge to turn it into a solution... now is your time to shine. 

This is the beauty of the Clarity PPM Challenge. Collaborate with like-minded people to create that solution you've been thinking of no matter how wild the idea. 

Collaborate with Clarity PPM experts

The Clarity PPM Challenge 2019 represents a fantastic learning opportunity for any skill level. Pemari's experienced Clarity PPM Solution Architects will be running a number of workshops in parallel to the Hackathon designed to introduce you to Clarity PPM's Modern UX.


In addition to the workshops there will also be an opportunity to book one-to-one's with consultants so that they can support you on your project.  

Make new


The Clarity PPM Hackathon provides a brilliant opportunity for you and your team to forge professional contacts and make new friends.


With Clarity PPM enthusiasts and developers gathering from all over the country, grab your chance to connect with new people to discuss ideas and opportunities.


For the Clarity PPM Hackathon 2019, we've identified two challenges that we are asking attendees to help solve AI Powered PPM and Improving User Adoption.


Track 1:

AI Powered PPM

There is a phenomenal amount of hype around Artificial Intelligence (AI). Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Reinforcement Learning, Neural Networks, Context Awareness... the buzzwords are endless but AI is already here and there is a good chance you've already used it, without knowing it.  

We believe that AI does have a place in Enterprise PPM software if used correctly rather than just strategy for generating more license sales. In Track 1: AI Powered PPM we're challenging you to find applications for AI technology within Clarity PPM that are focused on helping organisations deliver their project portfolios.   

Track 2:

Improving User Adoption

We all strive for a well configured PPM solution. Something that is aligned to governance, proactively supports project delivery  and contains all the information needed for strategic business decision making... but a tool is just a tool. If no-one uses the tool it's as useless as a chocolate teapot. Solution adoption is one of the major challenges for any enterprise solution, not only PPM. So what do we do about it? 

We believe that when users see value from a tool, they are more inclined to use it. In Track 2: Improving User Adoption, we're challenging you to find innovative ways of supporting users and increasing user adoption. 

The Agenda

In parallel to the main agenda, a number of educational breakout sessions will also be performed throughout the two day event. 

These include sessions on:

  • Artificial Intelligence - What's it all about? 

  • Clarity PPM Modern UX - Roadmaps

  • Clarity PPM Modern UX - Work Management

  • Clarity PPM Modern UX - Resource Management

Day 1 - Saturday, 5th October 2019
Day 2 - Sunday, 6th October 2019



Whether you've just started using Clarity PPM or you're a seasoned pro, everyone is welcome at the Clarity PPM Hackathon.

If you are interested in attending, submit your details using the 'Register for the Hackathon' button. 


If you want to register a team, please register as individuals first, then use the 'Register a team' button. 





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